Our Services

1. Recruitment

In an organization, it is the people which carry out the various jobs which are needed for its functioning. They are the most important resource of the organization. They supply the talent, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. In fact the performance of the organization largely depends on the quality of its people. Hence the staffing function of the management is an important function and it involves in the building of the organizational workforce.

In staffing, the management is faced with the challenge of not only finding the right person for each job but also to match the personnel with the jobs identified and to provide for their long-range growth and welfare as members of the organization.


2. Training

Improved employee performance – the employee who receives the necessary training is more able to perform in their job. ... A training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. A development program brings all employees to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge.

In our team we have highly competent trainers who have outstanding track records in delivering Behavioral and Technical Trainings. We customize the trainings as per the need of the organizations to ensure that the objective of the training is met.

Some of the training proramme delivered by us are mentioned below; 

Team Building, Team Work, Communication Skill, Effective Shopfloor Supervision, Interpersonal Skill, Coaching & Mentoring, Safety Management, Advance Excel, Reduce Absenteeism, Effective Industrial Relation etc


3. Off Roll Staffing

We also offer our services in Off Roll Staffing. Off Roll staffing enable organization to have effective control on the direct head count. In off roll staffing, we provide manpower to our clients at their workplace. These manpower works as per the instructions and the requirement of the client. Pay Roll is managed by us.


4. HR Audit

We provide of expert services of HR Audit. Our team conducts HR audit for the plants and offices covering applicable statutory compliances and Organizations guidelines. The Audit team submits reports to management of the audit observations.  


5. Safety Audit

We conduct safety audits to ensure that the organization is complying with laws or regulations and to provide a safe workplace for everyone. A safety audit identifies different levels of risk in each work area of an organization. ... A systematic approach is a vital ingredient for a safety audit.

We have Safety Experts who conduct the safety audits as per the frequency set by the organization.